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Besides the all-important job interview, the first date can be one of the most pressure-filled first impression scenarios. Women love a confident man, but not someone who feels the need to list his accomplishments (or assets) on a first date. We’ve all partaken in the debate of who should pay on a first date, but in most cases, women would like men to pick up the tab. When a man does not take pride in his appearance or appears messy, it can indicate to a woman that he’s not taking the date (or her) seriously. While some men might think being rude (to wait staff etc.) might appear “manly”, this is generally a tip-off that he will pull the same behavior with her someday. Repeated trips to the ladies room to refresh makeup and hair are not necessary. If a woman comes across as too “easy” to chase, he won’t be able to cultivate the respect necessary for a meaning relationship.