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Favorite Books: Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Description: To be honest, you can't be overweight. A weight problem means either a lack of self control or mental problems that are too deep for me to coax you through. When I do I like to watch The Big Bang Theory and Duck Dynasty lol Favorite Books Usually Fantasy, Sci_Fi Description: Communication is a must so he must be able to carry on a conversation with more than just one or two words, have a good sense of humors(by that I do not mean practical joker),like cats,manga,anime, and me of course hee hee Picture: PM me c: Name: Mike Age:17 Ages:15-22(Willing to date) Gender: Male Orientation: Straight Interest: Cooking, Gaming, Snowboarding, Paintball, Camping, Hiking, Texting, Going out with Friends, Talking Hobbies: Gaming, Cooking, Snowboarding, Paintball What Grade I'm In: 11th Favorite Music: In Flames, Kilswitch Engage, All that remains, Soilwork, Disarmonia Mundi, Tech n9ne, Kizz kaliko Favorite Shows Picture: Just ask via PM.